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aun bruja/robot

Enviado por miroslav 
aun bruja/robot
21-October-2009 14:02
i switch to english. i had a problem bruja/robot in the game 'toilet paper'. mariano told me to advise you, Achilles, so it could have been possible to solve this case or further once for all. namely i bewitched the robber whom was a robot and i didn't get the possibility to go on with my game. it just let the turn to the following charachter. in the gamelog it appears that i've went on and played but just ended my turn. i cannot really totally deny that this was not just a mistake of mines, it happened all so in a click. can you take a look on the game? thx anyway
Re: aun bruja/robot
21-October-2009 20:03
Its odd, it happens 11 seconds after the robot pass the turn and you pass your turn. 11 seconds is quit fast to a human, but possible, but is a lot of time for a RoBot. I cannot know what actually happens, but it is more probable this will be your fault (but, in this case, you click two clicks, the not build and the end of turn).
In any case, i cannot fix situation a such as this, sorry, due other players already have played. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Re: aun bruja/robot
22-October-2009 05:18
so i really did click more than once. i explain that to me so that i was distracted and just clicked twice or more hoping to move faster to the next page. i'll pay more attention the next time so to say. gracias aun i mucha suerte

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