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Bell Tower

Enviado por sizzle 
Bell Tower
23-September-2013 21:15
In a game to 6 districts recently, I built my 6th district to close first and received the 4-point bonus. Later in the round, another player built the Bell Tower as his 5th district and elected to shorten the game. He received a 2-point bonus. But by doing that, a player with 5 districts who had not played yet in the round was awarded the 4-point bonus, and my points decreased by 2. It did not change the outcome of the game, but this does not seem correct.
Re: Bell Tower
25-September-2013 17:53
Yes, it is correct, that so it is implemented in this site. The first player who builds the 5º district, no matter in which turn do, get the bonus.

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