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How to start a game?

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How to start a game?
15-April-2011 03:24
Hello. I am a new player here. I have created a few games recently, but those games did not start even if enough members joined in.
I also joiined in several games that another person created. Those games started soon after it reached max. players.
So, I am wondering if there is a special thing I have to do as a creater of a game in order to start the game.
I have looked everywhere in the website (or so I think I did), but I cannot find the answer.
I believe many people have this same question on how to start a game because there are so many games in "waiting games" with original rule (5 players and 8 districts). Typically, several of those games are created at the same time by the same player with the original rule, but those games stay in "waiting games" for days with FULL state probably because those players(I am one of them) do not know how to start a game.
There could have been discussion on this topic in this forum in Spanish, but I could not find any English info. on this.
Would anyone help me on this issue? Am I missing something?
Re: How to start a game?
18-April-2011 19:33
Try again to start the games, i have fix your games.
Sorry for the inconveniences...

Re: How to start a game?
26-April-2011 17:27
Thank you for your reply.
A few days after my post, I could start the games without any problems.
"Start" buttons, which didn't exist anywhere before, appeared for those games.
Again, thank you so much.
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