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A Game Admin Option?

Enviado por Dolph 
Re: A Game Admin Option?
12-May-2006 13:10
tantos libros que lees podias fijarte en la ortografía

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Re: A Game Admin Option?
04-September-2006 20:11
ender Wrote:
> ;´´´-(
> es q qedais ? q es personal o no?
> por mi parte no , ademas yo no excluyo a nadie, al
> reves
> bueno en si en el fondo lo q qeria decir es q ya q
> te abias enrollao drx en traducir lo primero
> podias aber seguido asi ( no es q no le entienda
> pero a esas oras d l noche uno no esta pa traducir
> tqantas lineas , ;-) )

is q qedais? q is personal or no? as for me no, ademas I do not exclude anybody, the good misfortune in if at heart the q qeria to say is q already q you abias enrollao drx in translating first podias to aber followed asi (it is not q does not understand to him but to those you pray d l night one this pa not to translate tqantas line,; -) )

I am using a online translator to try and understand the discussion, What exactly is ender upset with?

Re: A Game Admin Option?
04-September-2006 20:41
dolph, look at the date of the posts, these were long time ago. Don't worry about the discussion, it was about spanish grammar and things like that, not important at all. And, sorry for my english! smiling smiley
Re: A Game Admin Option?
04-September-2006 23:46
Grammar and spelling, hence the tremendous difficulties your online translator is encountering.

"oras"="you pray", but what he ment to say was "horas"="hours" as in time. "A estas horas de la noche"="So late at night". I'm sure you are able now to appreciate our discomfort =)

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