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conditional orders

Enviado por neleai 
conditional orders
15-April-2014 00:28

Could you implement a conditional orders to speed up a game?

When you select character and it is clear what you will build you may specify action, what you build and when you use action.

Then if you were not target of assassin/thief/witch/warlorld these actions get immidately carried out, otherwise you play your turn normaly.

If you select draw action then best course of action is defer selection to your next round character selection or allow only gold as action.
Re: conditional orders
18-April-2014 00:48
Its interesting, but it is complex. At interface level, and at (mainly) at code level. And other cards can interfere, such as the gunpowder.
The base code of the turn sequence will not support your idea, it will be need a major rewrite. The game is closed to another thing than minor changes.

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