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Enviado por Roleri 
02-April-2009 16:07
One cannot use the Graveyard at the end of the last round of the game.
I think it should be available though.


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Re: Cementerio
02-April-2009 20:14
Yes, due to the forced implementation of the graveyard in this site, it cant be used as the normal game, sorry.
(however, in that game it wouldnt affect the final tie, unless une of the tied has a graveard, a coin, a map room and a district had been destroyed in the last round)

Re: Cementerio
02-April-2009 21:00
OK, I think this one can be accepted as a "house rule".
Re: Cementerio
02-April-2009 21:08
Yes. One day, maybe a near one, i'll update the house rules...

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