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Tower bell

Enviado por eran oren 
Tower bell
01-December-2009 20:41
Game 30:
On round 13, Fran built the tower bell and activated it. So the game ends after 11 instead of 12 districts. The Tower bell was Fran's 11th district. I already built my 11th district on the previous round. So I should get 4 points and Fran only 2. Yet, instead, Fran got 4 points and I got only 2.
Re: Tower bell
02-December-2009 08:45
that's a home rule. or maybe an implementation issue, i'm not quite sure .. confused smiley

On a towerbell efect, closing order (and 4 and 2 points) is established in the order players played last turn. So, if fran played in this last round a character than plays before the one you chose (a tax collector for fran, emperor for your, for instance), things happen as you mention.

there was a post on this issue some time ago, it's in spanish i'm afraid .. [ciudadelas.frenopatico.net]
And it's an implementation issue, achilles says..

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Re: Tower bell
09-December-2009 19:38
Mariano is right.

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