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Suspicious players

Enviado por MinsK 
Suspicious players
14-December-2014 02:57
Hello everyone,

I was involved in a game with 3 other players: RT-2PM2, Remiks and GP1.
I got complete detroyed! Was almost stolen each time and always when I had a lot of coins. I found that very suspicious and discovered the following:

It seems RT-2PM2 & Remiks are the same player (age and response time identical and almost same last connection time)
Even more obvious for GP1 & GP2 (same name, same age, same response time and same last connection time.

And I wouldn't be surprised if the 4 players are actually the same player or 2 friends (same age).

Here are the profiles URLs:

What do you guys think? eye rolling smiley
Re: Suspicious players
15-December-2014 15:11
Do not take the age in consideration. The default birth date, if not filled, is 2000. So, all account not filling the birth date field shows as 14 years old.

Re: Suspicious players
15-December-2014 19:25
Ok I see.
But what about the Average response time? Is it normal that they are almost identical?
Re: Suspicious players
16-December-2014 15:29
I have take a look into the database. Probably, RT-2PM2 & Remiks aren't the same person. I doubt even they knows each other.
Or he is a skilled hacker (i doubt it), or probably there are separated people.

Re: Suspicious players
16-December-2014 15:36
Thanks Achiles to have checked! thumbs up
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