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Waiting Games

Enviado por malefactor 
Waiting Games
30-September-2007 00:00
I have a sugguestions that I believe will help people find games running at the pace they like to play at...

How about adding a column to the waiting games list that shows the average Responsivity of the players already in the game, giving everyone an idea as to how long each turn will take before they join a game.

While you at it, you could even add a column that shows the average rank of the players in the game, so we can choose a game with people of similar skill level.

Just a thought. I don't know how receptive others will be to this idea, but I know I would appreciate it.

Re: Waiting Games
01-October-2007 19:08
in fact, the precise response time value is not that useful. Profiles are public, and you can check it before joining in the game. This parameter is also just an historic stat: A low value doesnt offer any warranty. A quick-response player can get ill, be on the road, has a computer crash or any other circumstance that slows him in the match.

Slow response players exists. It's a fact. Just take it easy, and create a new game to pass the time in between smiling smiley. You'll finally get to know quicker players than you grinning smiley

My 0.02$
Re: Waiting Games
02-October-2007 04:38
It's more of a convenience thing, by the time I write down all the players and look them up one by one, the game will probably be full.

It's really no big deal, I have plenty of games going, and I'll freely admit that I'm not the most frequent player, especially when I'm at work or in bed. I just thought it was an idea good enough to share is all. smiling smiley
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