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Mobile optimisation

Enviado por Massimiliano 
Mobile optimisation
01-November-2011 18:08
I'm not asking for a full mobile version of the site, since I understand that it could imply a lot of work.
Anyway, with a little effort, Citadels site could be enjoyed from mobile devices much much more than now, without affecting standard web users.
First improvement is dead simple: add a simple meta.

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0" />

Even with this minor adding, mobile viewing will be far better.
A second thing to optimize is the left bar (the blue one, containing the menu).
Unfortunately, the site is not so much sematic, so a CSS query would not help.
So, a little change in HTML should be needed, changing the currently ugly list with brs with a semantic unordered list.
If this can be done, then a simple CSS media query would be able to move the left menu in the upper o lower side of the page, making the entire site a mobile's best friend.

If an help is needed in this process, I volunteer.


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Re: Mobile optimisation
08-November-2011 00:42
I already have another entire rebuild of the citadels application, with new html and css. The new css&html is not much better, i am not a designer and i do not prioritize the visual aspect of an application (i love black console with 80x25 and white fonts). But i cannot put in production the new citadels yet. I can, however, add a meta.
(the menu is not an ul? oh, my god, i almost deserve de low 9th circle of hell. The web was developed in early 2004, i apologize)

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