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Milicia y Burócrata

Enviado por Roleri 
Milicia y Burócrata
29-January-2014 09:02
This report refers to a game with Militia and Bureaucrat. It concerns the situation when a card of the second type (Militia or Bureaucrat) is bought for the first time, so the dialogue "Select 3 cards you want to keep in the case of attack of Militia" is activated, but there are players who had not yet selected their cards.

When such a player is attacked by Militia, he now performs the discard. But it is not done quite correct. In the game below, 2 cards were actually discarded (I kept 3 cards in hand), but 3 cards were added to discard pile, one of them being an illegal copy.


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Re: Milicia y Burócrata
03-February-2014 21:14
Even with humans. I have seen such fails with RoBots, but not with humans. But it is not a properly bug, only i don't foresee that eventuality. Hard to fix... i will try it.

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