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2 suggestions and offer

Enviado por Lynx 
2 suggestions and offer
08-April-2009 01:14
have you ever considered implementing notification over instant messengers?
Second suggestion is about two registrations one to play, second to use forum, it would be better it both acounts were ... just one grinning smiley
Also we (me and other two people) thought about writing translation to Polish, but we would like to know how to do it. grinning smiley I mean how to do it efficently, in a best way, to make it working stright away.
Re: 2 suggestions and offer
08-April-2009 19:24
No, sorry, i hate the instant messengers, it will be a unnecessary extra load to the sysyem.
To the forum, sorry but cannot do it. The forum and citadels are separated code and database. The forum isnt mine. However, i cannot upgrade it more if i hack it.

About the translation to polish, i have reasonable advance the rewrite of citadels code and templates. When i finish, i'll give translators accounts. With a translator account, a volunteer could translate the site to any language with an easy tool (now is a big mess).
I'll make the announce in this forum, so stay alert...
(hope it will be soon)

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